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About Us

Taxmen is the global company specialising
in tax and legal services for the e-commerce sector.

Taxmen was established in 2012 to provide one-stop-shop compliance services for VAT on distance selling
and environmental regulations on e-commerce packaging in all the European jurisdictions.
It has subsequently widened its tax activities, which now range from customs planning to transfer pricing.
From 2014, the company provides legal services specifically tailored for the IT sector under the brand Lawmen.


  • E-commerce VAT

    Taxmen is the one-stop-shop provider of VAT registration and compliance services for e-commerce in all the European jurisdictions under the EU distance selling scheme.
    Taxmen enables online stores to avoid lengthy and risky searches for tax firms in every single jurisdiction. Registration and filing services are subject to convenient, flat rates.

    Outside the Information Technology sector, VAT registration may also be mandatory for companies supplying training services, services relating to immovable properties, yacht chartering or leasing and other services in states other than that of establishment, within or without the EU.

    Our team and network is participated only by qualified lawyers and chartered accountants.

  • Intertax

    Taxmen supports export-oriented businesses to optimise their global tax burden with sound choices from corporate, tax and commercial perspectives alike. This activity can be of paramount economic importance in the process of establishing subsidiaries and branches in other jurisdictions, for the cross-border licensing of intellectual property (e.g., trademark and software), the outsourcing of services to related (or unrelated) parties and, more broadly, to expand businesses outside of their domestic borders.

    Taxmen specialises in international tax planning, transfer pricing policies for both tax and customs duties purposes, advance rulings with the local tax authorities and tax litigation.

  • Green Dot

    Taxmen is the one-stop-shop provider of registration and compliance services enabling e-commerce stores to report and pay the mandatory financial contributions for packaging recovery imposed by most EU states in pursuance with the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62.

    Indeed, most EU states call for foreign online B2C stores introducing parcels in their territory to pay periodical fees for packaging disposal purposes to qualified recovery organizations, regardless of the amount of goods sold in the territory.

    Our company can help businesses to register with the local authorities, determine the contributions due and submit the periodical returns on behalf of the client. Registration and filing services are subject to convenient and flat rates.

  • Customs

    Taxmen can help businesses to calculate the amount of customs duties due on future inbound and outbound shipments, implement strategies for minimising global customs charges on commercial flows while avoiding tax risks and to delineate transfer pricing policies for international groups.

    Online stores are concerned by specific aspects of local and international customs laws. Indeed, many countries apply small consignment exemptions on e-commerce parcels, but with thresholds that quickly change over time, thus creating constant uncertainty for the operators. Also, unless a merchant sets down a suitable procedure for product returns from customers, returns of products can lead to the unnecessary and costly application of customs duties on re-imported goods.

    Taxmen is able to support businesses in implementing effective practices for customs duty management within their organization.

  • Wine E-commerce

    Online trade of beer, wine and spirits is increasing year after year in Europe and a growing number of non-EU markets are opening to a larger wine trade.

    However, the current European regulatory framework makes cross-border retail of alcohol products rather uneasy.

    Already partnering with important wineries, retailers, logistical and warehouse operators all through Europe, Taxmen holds the right skills to advice new or established online wine stores on matters related to excise duties, VAT and packaging charges.

  • IT law

    Through our legal department, we have developed an extensive knowledge of legal matters strictly pertaining to the Information Technology sector, including consumer protection, cloud computing, privacy, intellectual property, payments, social media, software licensing and other important areas for online business.

    E-commerce players need to rely on fresh and innovative legal service suppliers, as most traditional law firms are not up to speed with the speed of the new economy. Taxmen understands your digital needs.

  • Sales Taxes

    Many Countries levy sales taxes on online sales, including the United States of America and Canada. In the past, sales taxes were applied only if the merchant held a physical presence (offices, warehouses, agents, etc. – the so-called “nexus”) in the state where the sale took place; nowadays, instead, many U.S. states apply sales taxes under a “click-through” system, that is when the merchant acknowledges sale commissions to a publisher residing in that State and a minimum yearly commission threshold is reached. Hence, it is necessary for European online stores to assess whether they are liable to apply sales taxes on their overseas sales. Taxmen is able to support online stores in complying with foreign sales taxes regulations.

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Some of the reasons to choose Taxmen:

  • We know very well the dynamics and issues of the IT and e-commerce sectors;

  • Flat fees only - no billing by the hour;

  • We only employ or partner with qualified lawyers, chartered accountants and professionals;

  • We share our network of partners in the retail, logistical, marketing and financial sector with our clients

  • We think pragmatically, like the best entrepreneurs!