Seize the World.
By the Book.

Seize the World.
By the Book.

Seize the World.
By the Book.

We specialise in tax and legal services for the e-commerce sector.


Be aware of the tax ramifications of your digital trade when expanding globally


You want to trade in 100 countries? It’s not only the law of your home country that will apply

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Our clients ranges from small marketplace merchants to large fashion retailers. They all share one goal: increase their business.

Key Info:

  • We act fast.
  • Flat fees only – no billing by the hour.
  • We only employ or partner with qualified lawyers, chartered accountants and professionals.
  • We share our network of partners in the retail, logistical, marketing and financial sector with our clients.
  • We think pragmatically, like the best entrepreneurs!

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The Digital Tax Manoeuvring

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